Seven Reasons HoneyBook Helps Me Do More

I highly value organization. In my home, everything has a place, and I prefer it be organized and tidy at all times. It makes my life (and the lives of my family) so much easier! But when it comes to running a business, things can get messy pretty quick. Not only am I a photographer, I offer graphic design and digital media management services as well. HoneyBook helps me keep it all together. From organizing my marketing materials to finances and client communication, this platform has been a major lifesaver. Here are seven reasons why HoneyBook has helped me grow my business, maybe it can help you grow yours too!

1. Client Pipeline

From the first point of contact to completion of the job, Honeybook tracks your client workflow every step of the way. All of your communication, contracts, and invoices are neatly kept together in your client pipeline. You can even add other vendors, so communication is open and everyone is on the same page!

2. Contact Forms & Automation

HoneyBook’s beautiful, fully customizable contact forms integrate seamlessly into your website. Once a new inquiry is received HoneyBook can automate a welcome message with your brochure and a questionnaire, so you know where to start the conversation when you make contact with your potential new client! This is a total time saver for me, and it truly helps me provide a great experience.

3. Send Contracts, Invoices, Brochures and Accept Payments

All of my contracts, invoice templates, pricing sheets, and catalogs are already in HoneyBook, ready to go. No more searching through folders and updating info manually! Fill in features update contracts, invoices, and communication with client information automatically to help ensure accuracy.

Sending invoices and receiving payments is a breeze with HoneyBook. Their payment portal is powered by Stripe, allowing clients to pay via credit card or bank transfer, while keeping their personal information safe and secure. Your clients even have the option to add gratuity, which is always nice!

I’m no math wiz and keeping track of expenses isn’t exactly my favorite activity. Thank goodness I can pair Quickbooks with HoneyBook and keep the headaches to a minimum, especially at tax time! HoneyBook currently supports Quickbooks Plus, Essentials, or Simple Start versions.

4. Mobility

The ability to manage the online side of my business from anywhere in the world is a huge selling point for me. With the HoneyBook app, I can access my client pipeline anywhere, anytime, making communication a breeze! This alone is a lifesaver. While I don’t always have my laptop with me, I never go anywhere without my phone.

5. HoneyBook’s Beautiful Design

One of my favorite things is that HoneyBook’s style syncs so easily with my own. The interface is beautiful, professional and easy for me and my clients to use. I can integrate my own branding, color palette, and images, creating a more seamless user experience.

6. Find New Opportunities

Need a second shooter for an upcoming wedding? Looking for a florist for a styled session? You can use HoneyBook to connect with other creatives and find or post new opportunities.

7. The Best Customer Service Anywhere

This platform was made for creatives, by creatives. The HoneyBook team has provided me with excellent customer service from day one, helping me set up my account, import client information and organize my marketing materials and price lists. They truly create a fantastic user experience. I’ve been delighted by their super fast response times whenever I have an inquiry, and they are incredibly responsive to feedback and feature requests. Working with this company has been a dream.

I could probably give you a dozen more reasons why Honeybook is the perfect client relationship tool for your business, but you’ll just have to try them out for yourself. Check out the Facebook Group here, and head on over to and take them for a spin with a 14-Day Free Trial! Use the link to get 20% off your membership!

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